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Welcome to Corsica Isula, the feather on the cap of the Mediterranean Sea. This French region on the southeastern French mainland faces Italian peninsula and thereby, enjoys a steady tourist influx throughout the year from the region. As the territorial collectivity under Metropolitan France, Corsica Isula is more or less an autonomous region. While being a seaside attraction, Corsica is also quite diverse in its landscape with the mountain chain sprawling over two-third of area.

The Corsican Language

The Corsican language was an oral only language as per tradition but over the years, it has been taught well as well as researched thoroughly by songwriters and authors who have utilized the language in their works. So, as a matter of fact, you will find a number of written material in Corsican language or langue corse (in French) now in hard copy as well as soft copy on the internet.

Corsica Traditional Music

From religious chants to polyphonies, the musical journey of Corsica has transformed over the ages but the traditional value has remained almost the same. While visiting Corsica, you will find instance of a few musical performances.

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Where Is Corsica?

On the Tyrrhenian Sea of western Mediterranean Sea, Corsica is a French territory that lies 160 kilometers southwest of French Riviera, 82 kilometers west of Tuscany coast and 14 kilometers north of Sardinia in Italy. It stands on same latitude as Rome.

Corsica Politics And Public Life

For starters, the basic fact that Corsica is administered by France is enough before planning a visit to Corsica. However, there are many misreporting and misinterpretation of Corsican public life and politics, so are legends and myths, much of which is not appreciated outside the island.

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On the crystalline blue Mediterranean Sea, the Corsica Island lies with its pristine glory that has long been a family vacationing spot, honeymooners’ paradise and movie shooting location throughout the years.

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