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About Us

Welcome to Corsica Isula, the feather on the cap of the Mediterranean Sea. This French region on the southeastern French mainland faces Italian peninsula and thereby, enjoys a steady tourist influx throughout the year from the region. As the territorial collectivity under Metropolitan France, Corsica Isula is more or less an autonomous region. While being a seaside attraction, Corsica is also quite diverse in its landscape with the mountain chain sprawling over two-third of area. In such a prime tourist location, there are many places to see and many things to do but planning them strategically is quite a tough task as outsiders are not that aware of the culture and natural aspects of Corsica. Hence, as a group of individuals, we are trying to run a website where you will get complete guide regarding your trip in Corsica Isula.

What We Do?

As locals of this beautiful island, we love Corsica deeply and are always trying to make others fall in love with Corsica just like we do, everyday. Our team of Corsica Isula comprises of people who are of all age groups, but the commonness lies in their never-ending love for this Mediterranean island and their continuous efforts in making Corsica more famous among tourists of around the world.

While some of us are studying, some of us are part-time employees at educational institutions, museums, restaurants and other institutions and some of us are fully dedicated to the website and the service we promise to our audience.

Our Partners

It was quite a risky task to start something like this especially with a small team but our passion for achieving more and make Corsica a sustainable tourist site overcame all the initial barriers. Since our starting, more and more people showed interest in joining hands with us. While there were more local people, we have been lucky to have the support from overseas friends who were so enchanted with our island that they wanted to strengthen the bond. Besides, we have support from the local guides who have shared their in-depth knowledge about the places, much of which we were not aware of. The tourism promoting organizations, tour companies and nature conservationists and other welfare organizations have also been considerate enough to join us in the noble cause of promoting the island among the global audience.

What We Believe?

We believe that unless we are zealous enough to help tourism grow in our island, its archeological wonders, virgin landscapes and rich culture will remain under veils. To promote tourism, one has to keep abreast of all the possible details about any particular place.

Each individual of our core team has been born and brought up in Corsica and hence, is familiar with the nook and corner of their locality. However, we are also open to new information and new updates from other individuals, like we mentioned above because we believe that knowledge means no boundary.

Our Mission

Since we started this touristic website, our sole mission has been to uphold the natural resources of Corsica as well as its charming attractions among the audience and visitors on global scale. Each year, we welcome thousands of visitors in this Mediterranean island and our mission is to increase that number with sustainable tourism.

We wish to make each visitor aware and interested about each place on Corsica map so that they feel connected with those places and feel the urge to visit again. A clean environment, welcoming local people and numerous tourist attractions to suit all tastes –that is our mission for Corsica

Our Vision

In future, our vision is that Corsica will be a prominent and famous tourist spot on the world map.

In spite of its magnificent natural beauty, diverse flora and fauna, traditional music and food and an array of outdoor activities, Corsica remains an unconventional vacation spot.

Our vision is to break that notion.

Our Objectives

For the near future, our objectives are quite simple –to keep the nature and environment around the tourist spots of Corsica clean and healthy so that the visitors and local people feel at home.

We wish to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable with proper tour guidance and that too at affordable cost. So, when are you visiting us?